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Globose Tech, the so called the best web hosting company, is providing you the web hosting services.Web hosting providers are easily identified by the manner in which they are delivering their web site hosting services. At Globose Tech, an established hosting service company provide custom-built functionality, different free PHP-based scripts or web app frameworks. Globose Tech has world-proven capability to host your company's website, right here in India. We offer plans which are most suitable for your personal, E-Commerce, portal or business sites that require scripting and database capabilities. The web-hosting plans include top database and scripting tools, support and virtually unlimited capacity for websites that demand the highest performance.

-What is Web Hosting?

Most people understand the basic principles of setting up a small business – establish an appropriate business name, rent a shop space, move in, and decorate. Web hosting is not much different. A registrant establishes a domain name, leases a block of server space, and uploads their webpage. Very quickly, anybody with a connection to the Internet can start browsing the site.

+What is shared hosting?
+What is virtual private hosting?
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